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Healing through my words:

Life doesn't give you the people you want,
it gives you the people you need:
to love you, to hate you, to make you, to break you, & to make you the person you were meant to be. -unknown

Love can and will come to those who still believe in it. Hope is the key. Even when faced with disappointment love will still find a way. Even after betrayal love will still knock on your door. Love will come to those who have been hurt before. I will never give up on love. I will even love those who no longer love me. Love is all there is and all there ever will be. -me

I believe I have been given an opportunity to share my successes and my struggles, my up's and my down's, the good and the bad with those who find their way to my blog. I feel I have been given a gift to write. I feel in my heart part of my gift to the world comes through my words. My greatest joy comes through expressing myself here. I write for myself but I feel compelled to share it with you too. I believe in love, compassion, and understanding which I share here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A few ideas to have a better day!

I just wanted to take a few moments and share with you some of the ideas I have incorporated into my own life that I feel have done wonders to improve my quality of life and overall sense of well being.

1. Upon waking up, find a reason to appreciate. Thoughts of appreciation can do wonders for getting the day off to a good start.
a. For example, thank God for the restful night of sleep just experienced and ask for another.
b. Take a second to feel the comfort of your bed, the softness of the pillows and the cool air that fills a bedroom early in the morning.
c. Thank your higher power if you woke up next to someone you love, or find comfort in the fact that you have friends and family that care about you.

If you have ever gotten out of bed and felt like you woke up on the wrong side of it, you are prepaving the events and circumstances of your day to unravel out in such a way that is going to reflect that exact statement. If you take a few seconds upon waking up and find simple reasons to feel good, the day you will experience has a far greater chance of going well. Not necessarily because you will have all these wonderful things happening that day, but because you have prepared you mind and your soul to look at the up side of a situation rather than the down side, and with enough practice one will be able to do this in all situations.

2. Communicate with your higher power as early in the morning as possible. Whether you kneel by your bedside or sit in the lotus position, regardless of how you practice your spirituality do so when you wake up.
a. Using your higher power to your benefit is the whole point of having a higher power to worship in the first place.
b. Getting in touch with yourself that early helps remind us that the everyday stresses we all face really are not that important. With a strong enough determination we can remember this simple point throughout our entire day.
c. When we truly trust in our higher power we will always be guided to what serves us best that day. We are never alone and always have the guidance that we may need available to us at any moment.

3. Exercise in the morning if possible. Exercise in the morning has many potential benefits over evening exercise. Although exercise anytime of the day you have an opportunity still serves great benefit.
a. Morning exercise provides the benefit of boosting the metabolism for several hours throughout the day. For those who work in an office morning exercise is by far the best option when seeking weight loss results. Clients of mine have routinely reported back to me that they are more inclined to pay attention to their diet after getting up early and working so hard. It holds them responsible so to speak, because they just worked so hard and it would not make a lot of sense to go get a giant cream filled coffee drink or a sandwich from McDonalds.
Another great reason for exercise in the morning is the substantial release of adrenaline, and other endorphins that are related to providing the body with a natural high. In regards to those I train in the morning more often report enjoying their job, having better relationships and exude the ability to handle stressful situations more effectively.

4. Do your best to eat a clean diet. A clean diet does not mean you need to eat tofu and broccoli all day but it does mean you need to take an honest look at what you are putting into your mouth and see what benefits it is serving you.
Our bodies our amazing, we fill them with things such as preservatives, sugars and nitrates. We get vaccines that are filled with substances that have no purpose in the human body, and in some cases certain vaccines have been proven to actually hinder the body’s natural abilities to heal.
We take prescription medications some times when simply reducing our salt intake can have the same effect.
We buy food in mass quantities, where the quality is taken out in order to make a profit, not to mention the horrible treatment these animals endure simply so we can stuff our faces. Or the mass produced vegetables that in some cases have been shown to have 1/7 the nutritional value of the produce from your local organic farm.
Have you looked at the dairy industry lately, they inject steroids into the cows in order to force their bodies to produce more milk. Nature has its way and when you force anything the result will never be as good as the way nature meant for it to be.
So what is one to do in regards to the diet? Just take a few simple steps and see how quickly you can FEEL the difference in your body.
a. Your diet should consist of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grain pasta and steel cut oatmeal are great examples.
b. Consider alternative to vaccines, do some research from both western and eastern perspectives and then decide. You do not have to get a shot just because your doctor recommends it.
c. Research medications a doctor has you on, I have nothing against medications, they have served wonders for many people, but a medication covers up the problem. If you do some research you may be able to find a natural alternative to help. For example many doctors suggest blood pressure medication to lower ones BP. However in several cases with people I train with a good exercise program, reduced sodium intake and the addition of many highly anti-oxidant berries (gogi, mangosteen, acai) they have been able to get off the meds. The doctors have taken notice and my clients report to me that their doctors are very happy with the progress I have helped them achieve.
d. Avoid sugars, excess salt, preservatives and nitrates. Sugar is probably the worst. Sugar for one makes us fat, it also hinders the function of many major organs and interferes with body’s “fight or flight” response making rational decisions quite tricky sometimes.
Remember food is fun and it is just fine to have a cookie or drink a beer from time to time, but our bodies our highly complicated machines and deserve to be treated with the upmost respect. I find it amusing that most common complaint is that eating a healthy diet is too expensive. Eating healthy is not expensive, it just requires planning. Go to your local farmers market for produce and see how you can save money and support your local economy.
The biggest irony I find in this is that most Americans are ridden with debt, we are willing to take out credit for cars and homes. We like having big screen TV’s that cost thousands but are not willing to spend an extra dollar on a gallon of milk to ensure that it has no hormones and/or steroids in it.
I believe as our society evolves at some point fast food and candy will be a thing of the past because we will realize the harm it is doing to our bodies.
5. Finally I am a firm believer that the best way to get anything you want in life is to give it to another.

If you are sad, bring joy to another who is sad and see how it makes you feel. Show compassion to someone in need or show love to someone who is angry and see if you day does not in fact feel better.
Do a random act of kindness and see what it does for your day. I believe in my heart that if everyone did one single act of random kindness a day we could rid the world of poverty, war, and violence.
Open a door for someone carrying many bags, pick a piece of trash of the ground, give praise to a co-worker or a loved one. The momentum will build and the world will have to take note.
Doing random acts of kindness is doing the work of God, we are all one and when we start acting like it on a regular basis life for all of us can and will get better.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am here for you

You are ready to move on,
Do not fear for I know you are prepared,
You can take the next step,
I will catch you if you fall

When you reach out to me I will be there,
Look for me and I will come,
Trust in me for I am always close,
Believe in me for I will never let you down,

Consider the possibilities,
Accept that you are worthy,
Have faith in your desires,
And put desire into your faith,

Don’t be afraid to turn to me,
My love is unconditional,
I am here for you always,
I am here for you now.
-February 4, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It is different for all of us,
We all came here to experience something,
Eventually we all will walk the same path,
It does not matter how long it takes we are all headed in the same direction,

We can all understand the logic,
It is no surprise to some,
It will work for you if you merely test it,
Take a chance and see where it goes,

The path will light up once you relax,
It is much easier than we make it out to be,
We are not being tested, the struggle is not real,
So do your best to go with the flow.

-Anthony Munkholm
Feb 9, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I cannot express in words how important and beneficial I feel it is to do your best to find yourself in a state of feeling joy first and then going about your day.
Joy and love are feelings/words that can be interchanged in any thought and when I do my best to see through the eyes of love first I am going with what my soul knows is right.
I am doing my best not to judge others who see the world differently than me but instead I am attempting to understand their perspective. I need not agree with their point of view but there is great value in appreciating the diversity of our thoughts that allows us as a species to continue to expand.
When I find reasons to feel good before engaging anyone or any subject I know I feel strongly about I am more likely to be receptive to others who see it differently.
When I find myself feeling anger, resentment or frustration towards another that is a very important signal from within that I am resisting what my soul knows is right. In these moments I try to ask myself, “What would love do?” For when we use anger to engage others are true ability to rationalize and draw logical conclusions is almost always lost.
Love does not get mad that someone sees it different, love does not start to criticize and belittle others when they have a different point of view. Love understands that we are all entitled to our own beliefs and accepting that there are other ways to see things does not mean we must conform. Acceptance means we are willing to give others the respect they deserve and opens the doors to a greater understanding for all involved.
Some would call this tolerance, but tolerance is not a place I want to be either, for in my tolerating of another that I disagree with I am still feeling negative emotions. Rather than tolerate, I choose to try to understand what it is that would bring them to those conclusions.
In an attempt to truly understand another’s beliefs without casting judgment we allow ourselves the ability to find peaceful resolutions to anything. Furthermore when we do our best to comprehend another’s beliefs, that honest effort can do wonders in releasing any tension that may have started to build.
Do your best to appreciate the opinions of others for in your mode of appreciation it is easier to talk about complex issues in a civilized manner.
When we believe that there is benefit in truly honoring another’s feelings, suddenly diversity does not seem so scary but instead we can embrace the fact that our soul offers us the greatest freedom of all. For within our soul we will always find are highest truth and the ability to feel and think any way we choose. Within our soul we will discover that no one is ever truly right or wrong.
This simple idea of listening to another’s point of view with an open heart can and will bring peace to a household. And when that household practices with true intention this easy process the results will be undeniable. Arguments will cease to exist, confrontation will become a thing of that past and from that point forward love and understanding will always come first.
Our neighbors will take note and the change will come. It is not our job to change the beliefs of anyone but instead work within ourselves to welcome the views of everyone.
The diversity of thought on this planet is one of the greatest gift we as humans have ever been given. For within the diversity of thought springs forth so many new ideas. And these ideas are the reason that life on this planet continues to get better and better.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yes you are worthy,
Yes you are worthy of being loved,
Yes you are worthy of having eternal happiness,
Yes you are worthy of having all of your dreams come true,

I believe you deserve to get everything that you want,
I believe you deserve to wake up with a smile on your face and be excited about your day,
You can be able to see the value of yourself if you desire,
You can enjoy the now and not worry about tomorrow,

You came here to sift through contrast and decide which it is you prefer,
You came here as an extension of something so great that you can never truly be alone,
You came here by choice to experience it all, the good the bad, the ups, the downs,
You came here knowing that there is nothing you have to do,

We made the choice to know there is nothing that we have to prove to anyone,
We have been assured there is no struggle you must go through in order to prove that you are worthy,
We have chosen to know that no matter what we do, we will always be loved,
We know that there is goodness in all of us,

Be encouraged to trust in yourself,
Be proud of who you are,
Be guided by the spirit that you feel,
Be true to your feelings for your feelings are the most important tool that you have.

Anthony Munkholm
April 6 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

An uplifting message for Easter

Everyone has a wonderful gift to offer to humanity and it is the person/s who steps back and looks at the whole picture that will benefit the most.
Have you ever asked yourself what is my gift?
This is a wonderful question that when taken seriously can bring forth some feelings from within that will help us realize how we are all connected. Your gift does not have to be something on a global scale, the mother who hugs her child, the person who rescues a dog or the one who gives a dollar to a homeless man are all offering great gifts.
All our gifts are important and no single gift has more value than the other.
People like The Buddha and Jesus Christ had a wonderful gift of helping others find solutions to incredible circumstances. They had a certain way about them that people would come from thousands of miles away just to get a glimpse of. Jesus and the Buddha inspired people to heal their bodies, to get over immense grief and they encouraged us all to love and care for each other.
Jump ahead a few thousand years and you can look around and see that those traits have never been lost. Today we have wonderful nurses who stay up all night, putting their own troubles on hold to try to comfort someone in the middle of a painful delivery. Nurses wait on patients hand and foot, doing everything from assisting in life saving procedures, to helping a person eat to lending an open heart to someone in need. You need to only spend one night in a hospital with a compassionate nurse to see the similarities of Jesus in these care takers.
We have wonderful teachers who put their own financial desires on hold to try to help a young boy/girl reach their fullest potential. We have teachers who are working in classrooms filled with 40 students, we have teachers spending their own money on supplies, and we have teachers who are staying after their shift to help a young student understand a complex topic. When you find or know a teacher who is going above and beyond do us all a favor and thank them for their wonderful gift they are giving society.
The firemen and policeman of this world offer us a sense of security and comfort. For when we lay down our heads on our pillows at night we can rest assured with a simple phone call we can have help on the way. What a gorgeous gift these men/women offer, they are willing to put their own lives on the line in order to better serve humanity.
All of us have a great gift to offer, if you have ever smiled at a stranger or opened a door for someone whose hands are full you are doing the work of God. If you have picked a piece of trash off the ground or donated money to a charity you are doing the work we know is right.
Simply listen to your heart and all of us will be able to find our gift. When we focus on these gifts we can lift the spirits of the entire planet.
The Universe is based on well being and when we go with the stream and do what we know is right the benefit we give to ourselves and others is the greatest gift of all.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Finding more effective ways to handle stress

It is unfortunate that many of us in society today become overwhelmed with the perceived stresses of everyday life.
However it is not a surprise, the list seems to go on and on. The bills just seems to keep coming, the car seems to keep breaking down, the fact that the vacation keeps getting put on hold because our jobs will not allow me the time off that I need. If this scenario sounds all too familiar I want you to know that you are not alone. I feel it is safe to say that many are burning the candle at both ends and all too often we are letting the best moments of life pass us right by.
When it really comes right down to it, it may seem the escaping stress is impossible. For a lot of us the tasks seems so overwhelming that there is no way to relax. Or if we do take time to “relax” often times we find ourselves turning to things like drugs and alcohol to help us slow down. Many times people will come home from work and have a drink or smoke a joint to “take the edge off.”
The problem with using drugs and alcohol as a means to escape the stress is we never address the underlying reason we are facing the stress and the energy inside us continues to build. To add fuel to the fire if we are up all night drinking the amount of alcohol we need to get the perceived relaxation increases, which in turn costs us more money, and less quality sleep and before we know it we are caught up in a roller coaster of stimulants and downers. The cycle usually consist of coffee first thing in the morning to get us going and a drink first thing when we get home to calm down. Sound familiar? Not to mention a diet filled with quick and easy meals from the closest burger joint that have no nutritional value and are loaded with preservatives and additives. Throw in a lack of exercise and it is a miracle our bodies continue to function as well as they do.
Sugar is another big contributor to stress. Sugar raises the blood pressure, puts added stress on the digestive system and interferes with firing of neurons in the brain. The nervous system becomes congested so to speak and your “fight or flight” response kicks into over drive. Now your brain has trouble make rationale choices and the perception of “too much to do” becomes a far greater task to deal with.
Furthermore Americans are hooked on prescription drugs to try to deal with their stress, anxiety, and or depression. Using a medication is the same as using alcohol, it may offer relief from the problem but does little to address the underlying issue of why you are anxious, depressed or stressed in the first place.
The negative effects that stress can have on one’s body and mind is undeniable. When someone is stressed the most obvious side effects are an elevated blood pressure and increased heart rate. Stress has been linked to everything from migraines to heart attacks. Not to mention obesity, stress has been proven to increase cortisol production in the body. Cortisol makes it almost impossible to lose weight, let alone burn fat.
There is a famous quote that says, “99% of all ill-health is stress induced.”
So what is one to do?
In my opinion the first and best option is finding a way to release the built up energy inside of you. Studies have linked the benefits of exercise and the reduction of stress in numerous cases. Starting an exercise regiment does not have to be difficult and/or elaborate. Simply going for a walk for 30-60 minutes a day outside can be a great way to get your body moving and relieving stress. More rigorous exercise has the added potential of increased health benefits as well as releasing more endorphins which counteracts the stress one is facing.
Cleaning up your diet will serve of great benefit to your body as well as your mind. Food can be fun and eating candy once in a while is just fine. But plain and simple sugar does not belong in your body and the better you do to eat a diet filled with fresh organic produce and lean protein sources the sooner you will begin to feel better. A good diet is not hard to follow it just takes practice and a little extra preparation time.
The next option I recommend is writing. Not all of us are meant to be great writers or poets but a piece of paper and a pen can be a great source of expression. Write about anything that makes you feel better. I would not suggest writing about the circumstances that cause you discomfort as that will only continue to add to the energy you are trying to get rid of. Instead daydream for a while, write about the job you wish you had, the money you want to be making, or the mate you wish you would meet. When you switch your focus away from the unwanted circumstances and do your best to focus on the wanted you will notice your feelings and thoughts will tend to shift to a more positive place.
So often we as a society can have so many good things going on and we can get hung up on the one thing that is going wrong. This negative thinking is serving us no benefit what so ever. A great exercise I was suggested about a year ago by Esther and Jerry Hicks ( was to go on a rampage of appreciation. Look around at your current setting and try to write or think about all of the great things in your life.
If you claim there is more to feel bad about than good about, focus on the one thing there is that’s going well and milk it for all it is worth. How does it taste, smell, or feel. How does your heart feel as you are thinking about it. I personally discovered that at first it is not easy to try to switch your thoughts from one of negative to one of positive but with practice it can and does become quite easy.
My final suggestion to learning to deal with everyday stress is learn to meditate. There is not enough room on this paper to express to you the appreciation I have found in my life once I calmed my mind and went within. There have been instances when I would feel so anxious and once I sat back took a few deep breaths and just tried to relax that many of my stresses would melt away.
Meditation does not have to be complicated and it will work for everyone in different ways. I believe that there are several ways to meditate. Often I will just sit in my car by the ocean, close my eyes, listen to the waves and breathe as deeply as I can. Other times I will use one of the many guided meditations I have on CD, or I will simply focus on a few words. I like the meditation where I breath in and mentally say “ease” and on the out breath I will say “flow”, I will do that for about five minutes and generally the anxiety I was dealing with has been relieved. Going out in nature and listening to the sounds of mother earth and just trying to recognize the beauty and feel the sun is a great way to meditate.
Meditation has been proven to have substantial positive benefits on one’s health, the most obvious being is stress relief. I believe that is because when you go within your soul talks to you and assures you that everything is ok. I like the analogy meditation is like receiving a hug from God.
Meditation can be a spiritual endeavor but it can also be an everyday practice to simply allow a person to feel more in control of his/her life. I believe the world could immensely benefit from all of us embracing meditation.
It is inevitable that during our life we are going to encounter circumstances/situations that cause us to be stressed. By taking a breath and stepping back and looking at the bigger picture and doing our best to honor our feelings many of our perceived stresses would become less important. By doing our best to look at the best of every situation we can begin to have a new outlook on life. By realizing that when something we do not want happens to us it causes within us a desire for an improved situation. If you could simply hold onto that feeling of hope for the solution, imagine the solution, get eager about the solution you may find your feelings have improved.
Life was created for us to have fun, to experience anything and everything that we ever wanted. When we get caught up on the small things that we do not have any control over we detach ourselves from the goodness that is us. Therefore, go forth and find things to appreciate. Do your best to treat others the way you wish to be treated and most of all remember that you are always loved.