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Life doesn't give you the people you want,
it gives you the people you need:
to love you, to hate you, to make you, to break you, & to make you the person you were meant to be. -unknown

Love can and will come to those who still believe in it. Hope is the key. Even when faced with disappointment love will still find a way. Even after betrayal love will still knock on your door. Love will come to those who have been hurt before. I will never give up on love. I will even love those who no longer love me. Love is all there is and all there ever will be. -me

I believe I have been given an opportunity to share my successes and my struggles, my up's and my down's, the good and the bad with those who find their way to my blog. I feel I have been given a gift to write. I feel in my heart part of my gift to the world comes through my words. My greatest joy comes through expressing myself here. I write for myself but I feel compelled to share it with you too. I believe in love, compassion, and understanding which I share here.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Journey Back To God Part IV

Unwilling to simply hope my headaches would go away I accepted Dr. Eisen’s offer to do an EFT session over the phone. Not knowing much about EFT my father suggested I look around on her website ( and get an idea of what I was going to be getting myself into. On her website I read such wonderful stories of people who had with Dr. Eisen’s help found the ability to forgive an abusive father, get over a terrible accident and simply start over in life. I read a quote that stated, “fifteen minutes with Dr. Eisen was more useful to me than 15 years of traditional therapy.” After reading that I was convinced that it would at least be worth my time to try it.

Little did I know I was about to have one of the most powerful moments of my life during our phone session. Dr. Eisen gave me the tools, the knowledge and the belief in myself that not only am I worthy of being loved but I am love. During our session she took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. At times I was so sad and scared I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face. At other times the rage and anger that she tapped into even took me by surprise. I had trouble accepting that I could have so much anger built up towards my mother. As the session progressed we continued to work our way towards better thoughts, better circumstances and most of all better feelings.

Dr. Eisen had a way of getting me to go back and face my past. We tapped into every feeling I had ever bundled up and it felt like an explosion had occurred within me. It was as if a million pounds had been lifted of my shoulders instantly. What clarity she helped me find, such incredible realizations began to come over me. I started to understand my mother from her perspective.

I began to see that in my mother’s eyes she felt she was doing the best she could. I began to have sympathy for my mother knowing that she too did not have the greatest childhood. Most importantly I truly believed for the first time that my mother has and always will love me. Dr. Eisen had me take a few really deep breaths and I noticed right away not only did my head not hurt but I was no longer feeling sorry for myself. Nor was I giving my attention to those unwanted things in my life that offered me no benefit. It was like a switch had been flipped in my head from negative to positive, almost immediately I started looking at life in a different way. A way that allowed me to no longer feel like a victim but instead a person who had control over the way he feels.

After our session was over, she instructed me it may be best to just lay in my bed and rest. I felt so drained like I had just run a marathon and yet so excited. Dr. Eisen gave me a great gift in that hour, she help me see the reasons I was getting the things in my life whether they were good or bad. She helped me see how powerful my feelings are and how important it is to acknowledge them. Bundling up your feelings will without a doubt have very negative consequences on the individual. A famous man once said that 99 percent of all illness is related to stress, after that day I could not agree more.

I now began to see clearly why my life had unfolded the way it did. I began throwing around the ideas in my mind, “how could I have ever felt loved by another when I had no love for myself?” “Is it possible that I created my reality in this very way?” “Is it possible that the events of my life were necessary to help bring me to a greater understanding? Could it be that the universe brought these circumstances, events and thoughts in order for me to find my way back to God?” Suddenly I was thinking on a very deep level, feelings were the basis of this experience. I felt guided by an amazing energy inside me, an energy that is so hard to explain but is so wonderful to feel.

Thirsty for knowledge I called Dr. Eisen the next day and did my best to put into words the feelings and thoughts that I was having. Dr. Eisen was not surprised and recommended I try reading a couple of books one called Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and the other was Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

As fast as my car would take me I raced to the nearest book store and began reading these mind blowing books. What insight these books offered me, what inspiration I felt as I turned every page. Could the basis of these books, the message We Are All One truly be the way the world works? Is it possible that we truly are the creator of our own experiences? That in essence we really do get what we think about it? I had never heard of the Law Of Attraction before which was introduced to me in these books and it states, “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” As simple as this statement appears to be, when I would meditate on the concept I began to clearly see how I was drawing everything into my life. From the headache that I hated so much or the meeting of my amazing wife all my feelings and thoughts are the reasons everything in my life came to be. These are all things I had asked for and therefore the universe answered me each and every time.

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