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Healing through my words:

Life doesn't give you the people you want,
it gives you the people you need:
to love you, to hate you, to make you, to break you, & to make you the person you were meant to be. -unknown

Love can and will come to those who still believe in it. Hope is the key. Even when faced with disappointment love will still find a way. Even after betrayal love will still knock on your door. Love will come to those who have been hurt before. I will never give up on love. I will even love those who no longer love me. Love is all there is and all there ever will be. -me

I believe I have been given an opportunity to share my successes and my struggles, my up's and my down's, the good and the bad with those who find their way to my blog. I feel I have been given a gift to write. I feel in my heart part of my gift to the world comes through my words. My greatest joy comes through expressing myself here. I write for myself but I feel compelled to share it with you too. I believe in love, compassion, and understanding which I share here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I might not...

I might not make as much money as I would like,
But I have a fun job that pays me pretty well,

Perhaps at times I spend more money then I should,
But I have a plan in place and am getting better,

I might not live in a swanky apartment in downtown St. Paul yet,
But I am lucky enough to live with one of my best friends of over 20 years,

Perhaps I could take that place that got offered to me last week,
But I know that right now the time is not right,

I might not have the perfect degree or the right educational background,
But I loved my program and learned so much,

Perhaps I will yet again return to school to explore more options,
But right now I am enjoying not having homework,

I might not have a body that will end up on the cover of a fitness magazine,
But I look pretty damn good with my shirt off,

Perhaps my body will continue to get stronger, leaner,
But fitness is a marathon not a sprint,

I might not always do the best workouts,
But I will find ways to be active every single day,

Perhaps I do not always eat healthy and avoid sweets,
But most days my diet revolves around eating foods that help my body thrive,

I might not always be jumping out of my pants happy,
But life is about the ups and the downs, and I have discovered how to embrace the good and the bad,

Perhaps I am not always suppose to be happy,
But instead learn how to roll with the punches,

I might not always be cool, calm, and collected,
But I continue to practice meditation daily and my anxiety has damn near left my life completely,

Perhaps at times I am too judgmental,
But as I continue to evolve I try to see the best in everyone,

I might not always be accepting,
But I will do my best to understand your point of view,

Perhaps I am a little too strong-minded; perhaps I demand the attention of the room a little too often,
But I will listen to you with an open mind and an open heart,

I might not always be the best friend I can be,
But when times are tough and you need me I will be there,

Perhaps I could be a better son, a better brother,
But I love my family the best I can,

I might not have been the best husband I could have been,
But I did a lot of things right and I am committed to understanding my mistakes and moving forward,

Perhaps at times I have gone against the little voice in my head even when I knew I should not,
But that little voice has never left and will continue to guide me,

I might piss you off at times, hurt your feelings, say something mean,
But I hope you understand it is never about you but instead a reflection of the struggles I have within,

Perhaps there are more things I could do right, more things I should know,
But I am committed to continual improvement for myself,

I might at times get lost in focusing on the negatives,
But more and more I am grateful for the positives,

So it is obvious I am not perfect but here is the key that I have learned and try to embrace everyday: